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Welcome to ISS Tyranny!

ISS Tyranny is a Federation Sim Fleet game, that takes place in the Star Trek Mirror Universe. The Mirror Universe is the total opposite of a normal Trek world, as it is dark and twisted. Where killing your way to the top is the normal way of life. To obtain rank and wealth, you must be loyal to your leader until the time is right to put your move into play, and take command yourself.

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Website Update

As you can see, the ISS Tyranny site has been updated. This new design was created by FSF Enki, who also is the Website Support Guild Leader for the FSF. If you should have any questions about this site, or any other website creation questions, feel free to email him, FSF Enki, or find him on the IRC network as 'Jose' in the #FSF at irc.sb254.com, or click here. FSF IRC Network He can also be found on AIM as FSF Enki

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Plot In Progress

Sim Summary: (September 2007):

Captain MacCumail has found his prize. His Prisoner, Annalea Connors, has led him to the Gorn's secret room. Ciaran has received word of other ships arriving in-system and has made arrangements for a "resounding" welcome with explosives throughout the mines.

T'San, bringing her prisoner to the Captain, is surprised as they round a corner and Azreal walked directly into the captain and falls back at her feet. And even more surprised that the Captain has a prisoner as well and that the two seem to know each other quite well.

As Kara leads Jordan and Lorene to the power control area, riding the world of a few more Gorn, Patrick manages to find his way back to the Captain just in time to see what he thinks is an attack. Protecting the Captain, he launches himself at Annalea, dislodging her stolen jewel from it's hiding place.

After a brief scuffle, Patrick is pulled off Annalea and she tries to but the blame on Azreal Loki, another survivor. As Annalea draws her blade, in the hopes of silencing her former shipmate, Captain MacCumail interjects with a solid punch to her abdomen as Patrick fires his phaser, stunning her into unconciousness as she hits the wall.

T'San is ordered to Kill Azreal, but his quick thinking changes Ciaran's mind. Instead T'San is ordered to take her prisoner back to Tyranny and get whatever information she can by use of the booth, with some help of drugs to make him more compliant to answering the interrogation.

Meanwhile, Kara, Jordan and Lorene have reached the Power center and contacted the Captain for orders.

Time is running short, for there will be other arriving in the sector within two hours. The crew of the Tyranny must proceed with due haste in order to escape notice of their enemies.

Posted by FSF Lowell At 3:20 PM